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    Who we are Ensign Natural Resources is an exploration & production company expanding through asset acquisitions and development in the Eagle Ford Basin. We believe in making disciplined investments, applying effective technology, and focusing on continuous improvement. Headquartered in Houston, TX, Ensign was established in 2017 and is led by a management team experienced in finding, developing, and exploiting unconventional assets. About Us Who we are How we're different Our People & Culture Leadership Team Board of Directors Sponsors noun | en·sign | ‘en-.sīn en′sīn, n. a sign or mark: the sign or flag distinguishing a nation or a regiment: one who carries the colors. Why Ensign? ​ Throughout history, ensigns have been used to send messages, rally beleaguered troops, signal other ships, armies, and peoples. Ensigns represent a group’s courage, pride, and identity. In short, an ensign says who you are, where you are, and what you believe with one single piece of cloth or mark. We are here to set a new standard. We’re courageous enough to take on the hard challenges and proud to drive change in our industry. This is what being Ensign means to us. Rally with us! How we're Different At Ensign, data and technology are a large part of how we drive success. ​ Not only do we have a development team who is knowledgeable about our industry, operations, and data but we expect all our technical team members to be proficient in data management tools and processes. This ensures everyone can create fit-for-purpose data capture apps and visualizations that allow for faster and better decision making with no silos in data access and continual prioritization of economic impact to the company. ​ Our People & Culture Our people define our culture and drive the strategy of our company. We look for team members that embody our values and strive to make us better every single day. ​ Meet some of our team! "My favorite thing about working at Ensign, beyond the amazing culture, is working with brilliant people in each department. Being able to learn from people who are passionate about their work is fun to be around." Jeremy Reeves Director, Information Technology Learn More "Working for Ensign has shown me that your work doesn't go unnoticed or overlooked. Ensign fosters that genuine feeling of "you are important here, we need you." LaShonda McClain Executive Assistant Learn More "The ability and encouragement to get involved regardless of your area of expertise or experience makes us all better and multi-skilled over time. If you're intelligent, work hard, and are in constant pursuit of growth and development it would be hard to find a better place." Roel Garcia Production Supervisor Learn More Our Values Personal Responsibility Taking responsibility for actions, problems, and leading solutions; never miss a chance to lead. Courage Stand up for your ideas; open communication; give and take honest feedback. Grit A mixture of passion and determination; willing to face the hard stuff and see it through to the end. Good Judgement A practiced eye for good opportunities; prioritizing based on value to company vs. self; making informed decisions and calculated risks. Pursuit of Excellence Good enough never is! Make things better every day; complacency is the enemy. Leadership Team Brett Pennington President and Chief Executive Officer "We believe in alignment at all levels of the organization. Delivering results is easy when everyone is aware of our goals and strategy, and are empowered to make a difference." View More Chief Operating Officer Paul Thayer View More Chief Financial Officer Stephen Goldfarb View More Vice President of Drilling & Completions Garner Haydell View More Vice President of Geoscience Jennifer Smith View More Vice President of Land & Commercial Justin van Keppel View More Vice President of HR & Administration Candace Day-Butler View More Vice President of Accounting Rebecca Dragna View More Vice President of Surface Sean Bradley View More Vice President of Reservoir Engineering Rick Robinson View More Board of Directors Brad Foster View More Bryan Neskora View More Danny Weingeist View More Mark Teshoian View More Roger Pinkerton View More Ryan Dalton View More Thierry Pilenko View More Shalin Dalal View More Sponsors Ensign was formed in late 2017 with equity commitments from two top-tier, energy-focused private equity firms to acquire large assets in the Eagle Ford. Warburg Pincus is a global private equity firm that has invested more than $95 billion in over 940 companies since inception over 50 years ago. ​ Warburg has invested or committed over $15 billion to more than 90 energy investments around the world, including exploration and production, midstream, and oilfield services businesses. ​ Warburg Pincus Energy, L.P. fund and Warburg Pincus Private Equity XII, L.P. fund have a combined $17 billion in LP commitments to invest across geographies and sectors at all stages of a company’s life-cycle. Kayne Anderson is a leading alternative investment firm founded in 1984 that currently manages over $30 billion in assets across private equity, managed accounts, and closed-end funds. ​ Kayne currently has over $10 billion of energy assets under management and has committed over $10 billion to more than 100 upstream energy investments across North America since inception. The Kayne Private Energy Income Funds Platform was launched in 2014 to partner with high-caliber management teams to acquire and exploit large, producing upstream oil and gas assets.

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    Back Working Together Open Invoice Access Supplier Code of Ethics Suppliers Our vendors, contractors, and suppliers are critical to achieving responsible and ethical corporate performance. It is important that we work together to ensure safe operations for both our people and our environment. ​ All suppliers should carefully review our Supplier Code of Ethics to ensure compliance and understanding of mutual accountability. Early Pay Program Invoicing Supplier Terms Prospective Suppliers Early Pay Program About the Program With the Early Pay Program, you can choose to offer a discount rate for early payment on all approved invoices. ​ Gain efficiencies through priority invoice processing. Reduce operational costs. Receive payments faster. Improved operational cash flow. ​ Contact for more information and to begin the application process. Invoicing IMPORTANT NOTICE All vendors, consultants, contractors, and sub-contractors, who provide goods and/or services must have a fully executed Agreement in place prior to commencement of work or to be granted access to enter an Ensign owned property. No invoice received will be paid without an executed agreement in place. Invoice Submission Options Email For vendors that prefer electronic submission but are unable to use OpenInvoice. Instructions OpenInvoice RECOMMENDED For fast and efficient payments, Ensign recommend use of the electronic invoicing platform OpenInvoice. Registration Details Mail For vendors that prefer to send physical invoices mail to: ​ Ensign Operating LLC 5875 N Sam Houston Parkway W Suite 600 Houston, Texas 77086 Attention: Accounts Payable Payment Terms and Conditions Ensign Natural Resources LLC and its associated Companies will pay approved invoices within 45- days of receipt; provided any such invoices submitted, comply with all specifications and/or requirements defined in the agreement. For your company’s specific terms, please review the payment terms and any associated schedule(s). As a reminder - all vendors, consultants, contractors, and/or sub-contractors, who provide goods and/or services, must have a fully executed Agreement in place prior to commencement of such Work and/or provision of Services. In all cases, you must have an agreement in place in order to be granted entry onto Ensign owned or leased property. No invoice received will be paid without an executed agreement in place. If you require further assistance, please contact: . Supplier Terms Terms & Conditions, Contracts, and Non-Disclosure Agreements ​ Ensign’s Master Services and Supply Agreement govern all purchases. All suppliers are required to have an agreement in place with Ensign prior to commencement Work or provision of goods. ​ Supplier Performance and Relationship Management ​ Suppliers play a crucial role in supporting Ensign’s strategic initiatives within supply chain. Suppliers are expected to deliver goods and render services following specifications and requirements stated in the contractual terms. ​ Ensign conducts periodic internal supplier performance reviews to ensure continuous improvement and adherence to contractually agreed upon pricing and performance standards. HSE Requirements Prospective Suppliers The need for a product and/or service must be established internally by an Ensign representative. This representative will engage with a supplier and make the determination if your company can provide the goods or services required. Ensign’s contracts and procurement group does not accept unsolicited bid, quotes, or meeting requests.

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    Ensign Natural Resources is a private equity backed exploration and production company focused on acquiring, developing, and producing US unconventional resources. Ensign’s founders are committed to creating a durable and long-term focused company generating maximum value for its stakeholders. SETTING THE NEW STANDARD FOR UNCONVENTIONALS through Strategy, Culture and Technology Energy for a brighter, cleaner future ​ We believe it is our responsibility to steward our environment, ensure the safety of our people, and act responsibly with our investments. Learn More SUSTAINABILITY STRATEGY Value through Simplification By cleaning up corporate structure and obligations of acquired assets, our team was able to improve working interest by 50%, uncover and manage liabilities and improve net GP&T rates across both oil and NGL. Learn More CULTURE Best People Empowered to Drive Performance Delivering excellent results comes from having excellent people that have the freedom and mandate to make things a little better every day. We believe in alignment at all levels of the organization. Delivering results is easy when everyone is aware of our goals and strategy and are empowered to make a difference. Learn More TECHNOLOGY Data-based Decision Making We’re committed to making better decisions with the best data and ensuring transparency of information at all levels. This commitment, coupled with a commitment to transformative technology, allows Ensign to leverage data to make decisions that support our long-term strategy. Learn More

  • Sustainability | Ensign Natural Resources

    Sustainability Our Promise Energy for a brighter, cleaner future ​ Our mission is to responsibly steward our environment, human & investment capital. ​ To help align us to that mission, we've developed a set of Environmental, Safety, & Governance (ESG) principles that drive our decisions and operations. Our Promise Safety Recent Initatives Community 2021 Sustainability Report 01 Evaluation Ensign formed our Environmental, Safety, & Governance (ESG) Committee, comprised of key Board of Director members and corporate leaders in 2019 to establish and review ESG initiatives & policies in alignment with our values and culture. 02 Governance We establish policies, practices, and controls to empower employees to contribute to the value of the company while setting standards for conduct and security; once established we consistently apply those standards. 03 Human Capital Sustainabilitiy We have developed strong organizational leadership and a culture that promotes continuous improvement and cultivate employee engagement at all levels. 04 Operational Sustainability We have a safety culture requiring employees, contractors, and service providers to work safe and we consider the environment when making business decisions. We have built operational efficiencies that reduce environmental impact and continually review our operations to ensure they are safe, efficient, reliable, and adhere to all federal, state, and local safety and environmental laws. 05 Corporate Citizenship We're passionate about strengthening local economies & enriching the lives of our employees and the communities in which we live and work. We have committed to charitable activities that consider employee values in tandem with corporate values and impact, and deliver on that commitment with both monetary and volunteer opportunities. Culture Committed to a proactive culture of safety. We create and continuously strengthen our culture where risks are eliminated, unsafe work is not tolerated, and people will challenge the norm. ​ ​ Committed to a proactive culture of safety. We create and continuously strengthen our culture where risks are eliminated; unsafe work is not tolerated; and people will challenge the norm ​ ​ Stop Work Authority Exercising of stop work authority is always supported. All employees and vendors are accountable; openness and honesty are rewarded. ​ ​ ​ ​ Committed to a proactive culture of safety. We create and continuously strengthen our culture where risks are eliminated; unsafe work is not tolerated; and people will challenge the norm ​ ​ Engagement Continual engagement to review safety performance and high potential incidents to strengthen culture and tools. ​ ​ ​ ​ Committed to a proactive culture of safety. We create and continuously strengthen our culture where risks are eliminated; unsafe work is not tolerated; and people will challenge the norm ​ ​ Focused Action Focus on what is known to have the potential to cause serious injury. We provide our team with programs and tools that are proven to keep people safe. We do not assume reductions in frequency of lessor incidents indicate risk has been lowered for a major incident. Committed to a proactive culture of safety. We create and continuously strengthen our culture where risks are eliminated; unsafe work is not tolerated; and people will challenge the norm ​ ​ Continuous Improvement We share knowledge and lessons learned. We look for opportunities to continuously be better and work safer each day. ​ ​ ​ ​ Committed to a proactive culture of safety. We create and continuously strengthen our culture where risks are eliminated; unsafe work is not tolerated; and people will challenge the norm ​ ​ Cybersecurity ​ Safety isn't just about the physical. As we strive to be a more data driven company, we also must focus our attention on the safety and security of our data, equipment and overall network. ​ We have comprehensive security layers that work to prevent attacks, provide attack awareness, and respond/recover quickly to incidents. We're proud to say we've had no cybersecurity breach or system compromise since inception. Safety Safety is not the absence of incidents, it is the presence of culture, tools, and knowledge. ​ At Ensign we don't believe that it's only one person or department that should be responsible for safety. Safety is every single persons job. HSE Requirements To drive our safety initiatives, we focus on: Recent Initatives Emissions Reduction We're setting a goal to be in the top quartile for lowest emission intensity among our peers in the Eagle Ford! ​ We've installed equipment that reduces emissions over time and are planning further implementations in 2022. We will capture 65% of our produced water in 2022, limiting environmental impacts of disposal and reducing emissions by eliminating water hauling activities. Ensign began recycling water for use in completions activities in 2021. Water Management Community Energy for a brighter, cleaner future ​ Our mission is to responsibly steward our environment, human & investment capital. Ending childhood cancer. Ensign is proud to support Sky High, an organization dedicated to bringing communities together to provide comfort, fund research and save lives of those fighting pediatric cancer and other life-threatening conditions. As a corporate sponsor and advocate for this program, Ensign was able to raise and contribute $35,000 in 2021. Join us in supporting this amazing organization. Learn more Keeping South Texas roads clean. At Ensign we believe in taking care of the communities that we're a part of. South Texas is a place of unique beauty and to ensure our environment continues to stay clean and beautiful, we've partnered with other operators in our region to support the Keep South Texas Roads Clean program. ​ This program picks up roadside trash and recycles collected tires for local parks to keep our area looking it's best for all to enjoy. ​ This unique program is considered a model for companies working in local communities and is made possible by the amazing collaboration with our competitors in the region. Removed 520k pounds of trash since inception at an average of ~1,400 pounds per week 2021 Excellence Award for Community & Social Investment As part of our work in the Keep South Texas Roads Clean Program, Ensign was recognized at the 2021 Eagle Ford Excellence Awards.

  • Owner Relations | Ensign Natural Resources

    Owner Relations Our Commitment to Ownership At Ensign, we're here to be a great partner for our royalty owners. We believe in providing excellent customer service using transformative technology and transparency at all levels. Our goal is to provide you with everything you need to stay informed, make updates/changes and answer common questions you may have with ease. Not seeing what you need or just want to talk with one of our team? Not a problem, our Owner Relations team is here to help with anything you need. Contact Us Important Forms Payment Information Frequently Asked Questions Owner Login | EnergyLink (281) 800-3333 Submit Forms & Documents Contact Us Ownership Inquiries Phone: (281) 800-3333 *option 1 Fax: (281) 990-6375 Email: Accounts Payable Inquiries Phone: (281) 800-3333 *option 3 Email: ​ Revenue Inquiries Phone: (281) 800-3333 *option 2 Email: ​ Joint Interest Billing Inquiries Phone: (281) 800-3333 *option 4 Email: ​ Need help with EnergyLink? Phone: (855) 301-5241 EnergyLink Support Enverus' EnergyLink provides easy access to revenue statements. For questions or issues, please contact EnergyLink support . Important Forms Change of Address Download Form To update your address. ​ ACH/Direct Deposit Download Form To sign up for, change or terminate ACH/Direct Deposit payments. Affidavit of Heirship Download Form To transfer the interest of a deceased owner who died without a will or if the will was not probated in Texas. IRS Form W-9 Download Form This form is required by the IRS to verify an owner's name, address, Taxpayer ID Number and owner type. Submit Forms & Documents ​ You can send any of the Forms above to us by mail to our physical address or clicking the Submit Forms & Documents button below. Submit Forms & Documents Mailing Address Ensign Natural Resources LLC Attn: Division Orders 5875 N Sam Houston Pkwy W #600 Houston, TX 77086 Payment Information Royalty payments are issued on the 28th of each month. We offer easy payments through ACH/Direct Deposit and access to check details through the EnergyLink Owner Relations site. Check out our Frequently Asked Questions for additional details about payments and changes to your account. Have Questions? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions for quick access to support on common asks. Frequently Asked Questions

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    Apply Interested in joining the Ensign team? First Name Last Name Email Contact Number LinkedIn Profile Job Role Message Upload Resume Upload supported file (Max 15MB) Notify me for future job listings Submit Your application is on it's way!

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    Why Ensign Learn More At Ensign we believe in bringing together the best people and empowering them to do what they do best. ​ Working in a small company, you'll have a larger breadth of opportunity to gain visibility across how the organization operates, expand your skills, and work closely with leadership. Because we prioritize low debt and lean operations, we aren't subject to the volatility often found in other companies across our industry leading to safety and security for our team members. Careers Why Ensign Benefits Available Jobs Notices Meet our Team Benefits We offer competitive salary, cash bonus and equity plans. With Ensign, you will also receive a comprehensive benefit package which includes medical/dental/vision plans, company paid life and disability insurance, 401(k) retirement plan contribution matching with 100% immediate vesting, paid vacation, sick time, half-day Friday's and much more. Download Benefits Available Jobs Looking to join our team? Get notified when we post new job listings. Subscribe Notices Applicants have rights under Federal Employment Law Notice to Recruiters and Staffing Agencies Ensign Natural Resources (“Ensign”) uses internal resources for recruiting. Ensign may supplement that internal capability from time to time with assistance from staffing agencies, professional recruiters, and the like (“Agency”). Agencies are hereby specifically directed NOT to contact Ensign employees directly in an attempt to present candidates – Ensign’s HR function must present ALL candidates to hiring managers. To protect the interests of all parties, Ensign will not accept unsolicited resumes from any source other than directly from a candidate. Any unsolicited resumes sent to Ensign, including unsolicited resumes sent directly to Ensign employees, or to Ensign’s resume database will be considered Ensign property. Ensign will NOT pay a fee for any placement resulting from the receipt of an unsolicited resume. Ensign will consider any candidate for whom an Agency has submitted an unsolicited resume to have been referred by the Agency free of any charges or fees. Agency must obtain advance written approval from Ensign’s HR function to submit resumes, and then only in conjunction with a valid fully executed contract for service and in response to a specific job opening. Ensign will not pay a fee to any Agency that does not have such agreement in place. Agency agreements will only be valid if in writing and signed by an officer of Ensign. No other Ensign employee is authorized to bind Ensign to any agreement regarding the placement of candidates by Agencies. Ensign hereby specifically rejects, and denies any liability under, any agreement purporting to be accepted based on negative consent, negotiation with a candidate, performance, or any means other than the signature of an Ensign officer.

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    Owner Inquiries Have a question? We're here to help! First Name Last Name Email Contact Number Message Submit Your message is on its way! Someone from our team will get back with you shortly.

  • Thierry Pilenko

    Back Thierry Pilenko ​ Thierry Pilenko joined the Board of Directors of Ensign Natural Resources in March 2019 and was appointed Chairman of the Board in June 2019. Until May 1, 2019 Mr. Pilenko was the Executive Chairman of TechnipFMC plc, an Engineering, Technology and Projects company. Previously, he was the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Technip S.A., a leading provider of project management, engineering, and construction services for the energy industry, a position he held from April 2007 to January 2017, when FMC Technologies, Inc. consummated its merger with Technip S.A. From March 2004 to January 2007, Mr. Pilenko served as the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Veritas DGC, Inc., a seismic services company. Previously, Mr. Pilenko served as Managing Director of SchlumbergerSema, a Schlumberger Ltd. company in Paris, from 2001 to March 2004. From 1998 to 2001, he served as President of Schlumberger-GeoQuest. He joined Schlumberger in 1984 as a geologist and held several management positions in Europe, Africa, Asia, and the United States. Mr. Pilenko graduated from IFP School in Paris and from the School of Geology in Nancy. Mr. Pilenko currently serves as a director of Valaris plc and Trident Energy and formerly served on the board of directors of Hercules Offshore, Veritas DGC, CGG and Peugeot S.A.

  • Justin van Keppel

    Back Justin van Keppel Vice President of Land & Commercial Justin van Keppel currently serves as the Vice President of Land & Commercial for Ensign Natural Resources. He joined the team in December 2017. Prior to Ensign, Mr. van Keppel served in roles of increasing scope and responsibility with Crew Land Research, ExxonMobil, and Murphy Oil Corporation for both onshore and offshore assets. With 15+ years of experience, he directs the land, commercial, and business development efforts for the company. He received a bachelor’s degree in Government with a minor in Business from The University of Texas. In addition, Mr. van Keppel is a member of HAPL, AAPL, the Houston Producer’s Forum, and ADAM-Houston.

  • Pipeline Technician

    Back Pipeline Technician Supervisor: Maintenance Foreman Department: Field Operations Location: Pawnee, TX Apply Now Company & Culture Headquartered in Houston, TX, Ensign Natural Resources is an exploration & production company expanding through asset acquisitions and development in the Eagle Ford Basin. Ensign believes in making disciplined investments, applying effective technology, and focusing on continuous improvement. At Ensign, attitudes and behaviors that support our culture matter. Employees are expected to foster a culture of personal responsibility, courage and good judgement while pursuing excellence in all efforts through passion, determination, and continuous improvement. Major Responsibilities • Locate lines • Execute Work Orders as directed by Maintenance Scheduler • Operate and maintain pigging facilities and tank batteries • Maintain, repair and modify equipment such as lines and vessels, fix leaks as needed • Complete maintenance documentation in timely manner • Keep equipment and tools clean and secure; maintain order in work areas • Perform various construction projects • Work with pipeline maintenance crews to perform maintenance and repair of pipelines, control valves, pumps, etc., as needed • Check conditions of rights-of-way and all other aspects of pipeline • Use proper lockout/tagout procedures • Drive Company vehicle over various types of road conditions and terrain, including highways, rural roads with paved and gravel surface, and off road situations • Know and follow SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) • Accurately complete time sheets, daily work sheets, DOT logs and tracking sheets • May cross-train to learn duties of other plant and field personnel • Perform additional required DOT tasks • Keep Pigging current on all pipelines • Perform calls to 811 before any digging occurs to ensure underground utilities are properly marked • Know and follow all Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) policies at all times • Know and use appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) at all times • Exercise stop work authority in the event of unsafe conditions or situations • Performs other duties as assigned by Supervisor Education, Experience & Skills • High school diploma or equivalent • At least 2 years or related experience required • Must have a valid driver’s license with acceptable driving record • Proficiently operate power tools, air compressors and other shop equipment to recondition or make minor repairs to damaged parts • Strong ability to understand and adhere to processes • Must be able to promote cooperation and work effectively as part of a team • Must be proficient in line locating Physical Work Conditions • Required to travel to field locations • Able to stand; walk; use hands to finger, handle, or feel; reach with hands and arms; climb or balance; and stoop, kneel, crouch, or crawl • Able to lift/move up to 50 pounds on regular basis, and occasionally lift/ move up to 100 pounds • Specific vision abilities include close vision, distance vision, and color vision • Able to deal with wet and/or humid conditions and extreme heat/cold • Work environment may include moving mechanical parts, fumes, toxic chemicals, airborne particles and moderate to loud noise, requiring consistent use of appropriate PPE Ensign offers competitive salary, cash bonus and equity plans. The Company also offers a comprehensive benefit package which includes medical/dental/vision plans, company paid life and disability insurance, 401(k) retirement plan contribution matching with 100% immediate vesting, paid vacation, sick time, and much more. We Offer Apply Now