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Our vendors, contractors, and suppliers are critical to achieving responsible and ethical corporate performance.  It is important that we work together to ensure safe operations for both our people and our environment.  

All suppliers should carefully review our Supplier Code of Ethics to ensure compliance and understanding of mutual accountability.  

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Early Pay Program

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About the Program

With the Early Pay Program, you can choose to offer a discount rate for early payment on all approved invoices.  

  • Gain efficiencies through priority invoice processing.

  • Reduce operational costs.

  • Receive payments faster.

  • Improved operational cash flow.

Contact for more information and to begin the application process.

Early Pay Program



All vendors, consultants, contractors, and sub-contractors, who provide goods and/or services must have a fully executed Agreement in place prior to commencement of work or to be granted access to enter an Ensign owned property. No invoice received will be paid without an executed agreement in place.

Invoice Submission Options

For vendors that prefer electronic submission but are unable to use OpenInvoice.



For fast and efficient payments, Ensign recommend use of the electronic invoicing platform OpenInvoice.


For vendors that prefer to send physical invoices mail to:

Ensign Operating LLC

5875 N Sam Houston Parkway W
Suite 600

Houston, Texas 77086

Attention: Accounts Payable

Payment Terms and Conditions

Ensign Natural Resources LLC and its associated Companies will pay approved invoices within 45- days of receipt; provided any such invoices submitted, comply with all specifications and/or requirements defined in the agreement. For your company’s specific terms, please review the payment terms and any associated schedule(s).  As a reminder - all vendors, consultants, contractors, and/or sub-contractors, who provide goods and/or services, must have a fully executed Agreement in place prior to commencement of such Work and/or provision of Services.  In all cases, you must have an agreement in place in order to  be granted entry onto Ensign owned or leased property.  No invoice received will be paid without an executed agreement in place. If you require further assistance, please contact:

Supplier Terms

Supplier Terms
Terms & Conditions, Contracts, and Non-Disclosure Agreements

Ensign’s Master Services and Supply Agreement govern all purchases. All suppliers are required to have an agreement in place with Ensign prior to commencement Work or provision of goods.

Supplier Performance and Relationship Management

Suppliers play a crucial role in supporting Ensign’s strategic initiatives within supply chain. Suppliers are expected to deliver goods and render services following specifications and requirements stated in the contractual terms.

Ensign conducts periodic internal supplier performance reviews to ensure continuous improvement and adherence to contractually agreed upon pricing and performance standards.

Prospective Suppliers

The need for a product and/or service must be established internally by an Ensign representative. This representative will engage with a supplier and make the determination if your company can provide the goods or services required. Ensign’s contracts and procurement group does not accept unsolicited bid, quotes, or meeting requests.

Prospective Suppliers
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