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Our Promise

Our Promise
Energy for a brighter, cleaner future

Our mission is to responsibly steward our environment, human & investment capital.  

To help align us to that mission, we've developed a set of Environmental, Safety, & Governance (ESG) principles that drive our decisions and operations.

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Safety isn't just about the physical.  As we strive to be a more data driven company, we also must focus our attention on the safety and security of our data, equipment and overall network.  

We have comprehensive security layers that work to prevent attacks, provide attack awareness, and respond/recover quickly to incidents.  

We're proud to say we've had no cybersecurity breach or system compromise since inception.


Safety is not the absence of incidents, it is the presence of culture, tools, and knowledge.

At Ensign we don't believe that it's only one person or department that should be responsible for safety.  Safety is every single persons job.  

To drive our safety initiatives, we focus on:


Recent Initatives

Recent Initatives
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Emissions Reduction

We're setting a goal to be in the top quartile for lowest emission intensity among our peers in the Eagle Ford!

We've installed equipment that reduces emissions over time and are planning further implementations in 2022.

We will capture 65% of our produced water in 2022, limiting environmental impacts of disposal and reducing emissions by eliminating water hauling activities. Ensign began recycling water for use in completions activities in 2021.

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Water Management


Energy for a brighter, cleaner future

Our mission is to responsibly steward our environment, human & investment capital.

Ending childhood cancer.


Ensign is proud to support Sky High, an organization dedicated to bringing communities together to provide comfort, fund research and save lives of those fighting pediatric cancer and other life-threatening conditions.

As a corporate sponsor and advocate for this program, Ensign was able to raise and contribute $35,000 in 2021.

Join us in supporting this amazing organization.

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Keeping South Texas roads clean.


At Ensign we believe in taking care of the communities that we're a part of.  South Texas is a place of unique beauty and to ensure our environment continues to stay clean and beautiful, we've partnered with other operators in our region to support the Keep South Texas Roads Clean program.  

This program picks up roadside trash and recycles collected tires for local parks to keep our area looking it's best for all to enjoy.

This unique program is considered a model for companies working in local communities and is made possible by the amazing collaboration with our competitors in the region.


Removed 520k pounds of trash since inception at an average of ~1,400 pounds per week

2021 Excellence Award for Community & Social Investment


As part of our work in the Keep South Texas Roads Clean Program, Ensign was recognized at the 2021 Eagle Ford Excellence Awards.  

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