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Getting Started

Once you become an approved supplier, the OpenInvoice onboarding process is quick and easy! Electronic invoice submission expedites the payment process and there is no cost to vendors for this service.


To get started, request registration below for a direct registration link from our team or self-register following the steps below.

Self Registration

If you do not have an existing OpenInvoice account, you can sign up on your own (without registering above) by following instructions below.


Click the "Join Now" tab and click "Join Now" button

Click Join Now.PNG


Follow the steps provided to complete registration


At the end of registration, add "Ensign Natural Resources, LLC" as a buyer.  Our team will then approve you as a vendor.

OpenInvoice Vendor Approval Request

If you already have an OpenInvoice account, you can request to be added as an Ensign vendor by submitting below form.

OpenInvoice Support

OpenInvoice has many help resources available through their platform.  However here are a few helpful videos and contact information for easy access.



1 (866) 627-3287

OpenInvoice Supplier Dashboard.PNG
Creating an Invoice.PNG
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